Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Ubinum’s mission? 

Our mission is to build the world’s largest public index of science research. We are doing that by creating easy-to-use communication tools for researchers that enable them to efficiently share information with their colleagues and the public on a unified platform.

How do you pronounce Ubinum? 

Yü-ˈbi-num pronounced Yoo-b-inum. Our name was inspired by the word ubiquitous, which, you may know, means everywhere. We want people everywhere to have access to real time research so they are able to find information more efficiently.

What differentiates Ubinum from other website builders and other services for researchers?

Ubinum was created for and by scientists. From its inception we realized that time constraints are one of the major barriers to creating and updating lab websites. We also know how important a well designed, public facing presence is for research scientists and set about to develop simple tools tailored specifically to labs that would allow them to show the public the important work they are doing.  You’ll see this in the way we’ve built the platform with SEO optimization to fuel the platform’s search function and developed a set of five page options to showcase your lab. We are always interested in your feedback, so if you don’t see something you think is important, please let us know!!

Where are Ubinum's offices?

We are a fully remote company. You can reach us via email (see contact us page).

Are you hiring?

We will be staffing up as we grow. Please send us your resume – we would love to hear about you!

Website Onboarding

How do I get started?

Sign up on our home page and we will send you an invite to set up a lab website.

What will I need to have ready to launch my labsite?

Prepping for lab website set-up will streamline your onboarding process. We promise, your lab website can be set up in under an hour if you have at the ready:  

  • Lots of photos of your work to “drag and drop” however you want to represent it, formatted in jpg, jpeg or png.  
  • Narrative descriptions of your work you can either paste in or enter manually - our word limits are generous, so don’t hold back!
  • Bios of your team members with photos if you like and the URLs of their social media or personal websites. You can also upload pdfs of your publications.
  • Listing of your publication citations - we are working on ways to bulk upload your publication but for now we have a very cool tool that can populate your citations once you cut and paste them into our window.
  • Listing of your funding sources if you want to upload those into the platform. This feature enables you to highlight your funders.  

What should I put on my home page?

Your homepage is your opportunity to shine a light on your lab’s overall work and thesis.  The page is divided into 4 sections for narrative and image uploads.  Our drag and drop feature makes it super easy to set up your home page in minutes. 

The first editable section at the top of the page is your “header” where you can enter the name of your lab and the focus of your research (i.e. the header and subheader).  

The second and third sections each have 2 additional fields, again a “header” and “subheader,” where you may want to bring attention to one or more projects your lab is tackling.  Each of the three sections (your header and the 2 sections below it)  allow you to upload images.  And, we highly recommend you do add images - we believe strongly in the cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words;” so we’ve created lots of places on your lab website where you can upload images, charts, graphs, etc.

Finally the “footer” can be created under “Settings” in the “General” section.  The information you enter here will populate the footer. You can also add your institutional affiliation and its logo if you like. 


Can I create a custom domain for my lab website?

This feature is in the works and is a priority for our technical team.

Is Ubinum a secure platform?

Ubinum takes security seriously. Our cloud-based infrastructure follows industry best practices from top to bottom. User data is only available as detailed in the privacy policy. We have a completed HECVAT survey available for review by request.

What are you doing with my data?

Please see our privacy policy. Your website resides on the Ubinum platform, which means it’s part of a publicly searchable database. We built Ubinum so research labs and their work can be viewed on one platform in a cohesive, collective unified way.

Why does it take a minute for my lab changes to publish?

We use cutting edge technology to make your lab website load for visitors as fast as possible. To do this, we keep a pre-built version of your site ready to show visitors at hand at all times, so it can be out of date for a few seconds after updates are made. If you made edits to your lab and then visited the site and your changes haven't shown up just yet, wait a few moments and reload to see your changes appear.

Will you be adding new features to the tools?

YES! Contact us at [email protected] and let us know what features you want. As one of our earliest users, your feedback is super valuable to us. We want to add what you need.

What is the difference between unpublished and published content?

You don’t have to publish every page on your lab website, you can choose to populate the fields on a particular page but not share it with the public - thus it would be unpublished content. To help fuel collaboration among team members, we hope to create more pages under your site that you may want to share just with only your lab members, i.e. no one beyond your lab. If you have thoughts about this feature, reach out; we are interested in building tools that make sense for you!

What does it cost to build a lab website on Ubinum?

It’s free to create your lab website; however, we will be adding al la carte features at a later date.

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